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Wobbly Cottage is returning to the UK!
After 3 years of being down under perfecting my sourdough with like-minded people who enjoy baking with natural basic ingredients, the Wobbly Cottage Baker is returning to UK. The Bakery should be up and running in time for Christmas and even if hard times hit with the Brexit unknowns, you should still be able to enjoy beautiful tasty crusty bread. I will keep you informed, The Baker
relaunch of wobbly cottage
Wobbly Cottage is back! It has always been working hard in the background and been joining in an experiment to try and launch a Community Bakery with other enthusiasts and the DT11 team, but numerous hiccups has seen that project stall. So back to full speed ahead in 2014, a new year with fresh hopes and exciting ideas. 2013 was a year where I mastered the pruning of the apple & pear trees in our orchard which was very rewarding with mountains of apples. We had perfect weather conditions for setting the blossom and we have enjoyed lots of tarte tatins, made cider and apple wine is happily fermenting. Wobbly Cottage is essentially me, Gill-chief baker and hubby Richard who is great with technical suggestions such as how to cut an enormous 14" diameter cake into 3 equal tiers (made for my sister's special birthday-no numbers mentioned!) which eventually materialised into an Almeria gateau. I was very pleased with the results and believe it was consumed with great rapidity, which hopefully speaks for itself. We, at Wobbly Cottage, can proudly say that we continued to win at our local village shows, taking the Gladiolus Cup, the Dahlia Cup, the Presidents Vase and the Cookery Cup in 2013. Let 2014 be equally successful and rewarding.
Back in the bakery

The Wobbly Cottage baker is back in the bakery!

Check back soon for exciting news!