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All Wobbly Cottage bread is handmade with high quality organic flours, the main source being from Shipton Mill. Each combination of flours gives a subtly different flavour to the bread.

A small range of natural yeast ferments are used, which have matured over a period of time and impart their unique flavour to the sourdough. Commercial yeasts have no place in real sourdough, however are used in other breads.

It can take in excess of 36 hours, from priming the ferment, kneading and folding the dough to the finished baked sourdough loaf which has a depth of flavour, an open crumb which is slightly chewy and a crunchy crust.

Sourdough is best enjoyed fresh. It has no added preservatives so should be eaten within a day or two, but can be successfully frozen. After defrosting fully, refresh it by sprinkling with a little cold water and popping in a warm oven (~180°C) for 5-8 minutes depending on the size of the loaf, and savour it again! It can also be toasted straight from the freezer.

Sourdough loaves
Small £2.50
Medium £3.50
Large £4.50

I bake both white and wholemeal sourdough loaves once a week, usually on Friday. Please make sure you email your order by 6pm on Wednesday. I also consider special requests.

E-mail [email protected]